Ricardo Binelli ** – Funds Manager and Head of Economist

Mr. Binelli is one of the founding members of PETRA Group and has more than 20 years’ experience in the Investment market. Mr. Binelli is currently responsible for managing the Fixed Income funds from PETRA Capital, the Macroeconomic Analysis and a boar member of PETRA Group, and member of PETRA Asset committees. Mr. Binelli holds a bachelor degree in Economy from USP – São Paulo University and a MBA in Economics from the same university.

Joao Luiz Piccioni Junior ** – Funds Manager and Head of Investment Analysis

Mr. Piccioni started his activities in PETRA Asset in 2007 as an Investment Analyst. In 2009 he became the responsible Director for the Equities Analysis. In 2010, he was responsible for the management of the two equity funds from PETRA Asset. Mr. Piccioni previously worked for companies such as Itau Bank, General Motors and Pirelli. Mr. Piccioni holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEI, a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV, a MBA in Finance from USP, and a Masters in Finance from FGV-EESP.

 Rafael Burquim Buy- Side Equity Investment Analyst

Rafael Burquim has seven years of experience in investments. During this period he has worked for Rio Bravo Investimentos, Sulamerica Investimentos, and Orbe Investimentos, always focusing on long term and value investing. Rafael has a bachelor degree in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and took a course at Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas with focus on private equity. Rafael is currently Level III CFA candidate.

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